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UK Home Improvements:
Tips, Advice & Features about getting the most from your home upgrades.

home improvementsWhy extend or Improve your home?

There are just so many reasons why home improvements in the UK are so popular, but the 2 biggest are surely the cost of buying a new home or that the existing house is getting to small for the family – either way, “fixing it up” or extending can not only solve your problems, but can, if dome properly, add significant value to your home.

Find out more about popular jobs on the house below.

Maintaining Double Glazed Windows

Double Glazing – low maintenance?

Most, if not all advertising for low cost double glazing will tell you that UPVC windows are ‘low maintenance’, that may be true but it does not mean that you can just fit them & forget them as they will suffer from attack by the elements and if you don’t pay attention then you could end up with some expensive remedial work to do around the house.

There are a few aspects of the window installation that you should check periodically:

  • locks & handles – are the becoming loose?
  • window beading – are the rubber seals in good shape, are they becoming brittle?
  • sealant around the window frames – is it still waterproof, are there signs of shrinkage, cracking or detaching from the frames?
  • drain holes & trickle vents – are they clean and free from obstructions?
  • sealed glazed units – are there signs of condensation within the ‘gap’

These simple checks are easy to do every few months and could, for example, prevent serious internal damage from damp being caused. You should also take the time to wash down the frames as well as cleaning the glass as this will prevent discoloration over time.

ask your window cleaner to do it (may cost a few pound extra, but well worth it in the long run).

Double Glazing Prices Online Guides

Where can I find decent double glazed windows prices online?

Well, given that there are over 9,000 listed installers on ‘’ as of 2014, this could be a long search, unless you have some help. For things like insurance & holidays people regularly use online price comparison sites, so why not use one for double glazing prices?

By using an online resource like it can help you shortcut the tedium of phoning or writing to dozens of companies asking about prices – this is because there is enough information on the site to help guide you on the different window designs in the market and can also connect you with professional companies that will give you free written quotes for the cost for your work.

you can find:

  • casement windows
  • french windows
  • tilt & turn windows
  • sash windows

home improvements


Make your house warmer in winter, cooler in summer

Cavity wall insulation

external wall insulationSince the mid 1920’s most homes have been built with what is known as a cavity wall, this separates the internal walls from the external walls by having a gap between them, in the order of 2″ to 3″.

According to research, approximately 35% of all heat loss in the home is caused by heat escaping through the wall. To eliminate the heat loss, the gap between the walls can be filled with insulation by injecting them with material that provides a heat proof insulating barrier.

Energy Saving Cavity Wall insulation can save an average household more than £100 a year on combined energy bills also reducing Carbon Dioxide emissions.

Help with the cost of insulating your home can be provided through, grants on offer by the Government and Utility companies

Learn more about extending your home with an Orangery: Click here to visit Orangeries Cost

Solid wall insulation

Solid walls can lose sometimes twice as much heat than insulated cavity walls, but by using modern insulation systems, this can be drastically reduced. Solid wall insulation can be installed either to the outside or to the inside of your home, each one having its own particular benefits.

Internal solid wall insulation can be lower in cost than external solid wall insulation, but it will slightly reduce the floor area of the room.

External solid wall insulation can be done without disturbing the occupants and will refresh and improve the appearance of your home.

Double Glazing for Conservatories

Double glazed windows are probably one of the most common additions that homeowners in the UK opt for when considering improving their property, as it offers a great combination of financial and cosmetic benefits – it improves the look, whilst saving money on energy bills by reducing heat loss through those leaky old windows.

However, the double glazed window is not the only home improvement to feature twin pane sealed glass units, it is also an essential part of the construction for the glazed sections of uPVC conservatories & their glazed roofs.

It may be that you fancy installing some nice French doors to make a grand opening onto your garden from the conservatory, the frames may be made of uPVC, but the individual panes of glass on new models are more than likely to be twin pane sealed glass units, exactly the same design as you would find in any house having uPVC windows.

Having double glazing fitted into your conservatory is essential if you want to be able to manage the ‘climate’ inside the room, as on sunny days they will reduce heat build-up & on cold days they will reduce heat loss – the best of both worlds.

Find out more about double glazed uPVC Conservatories here:


Conservatory Interiors

Once you are done with building your own budget conservatories, it is very important that you find the right furnishing for it. Getting the right designs will definitely help to enhance the appearance of your conservatory. You do not have to spend a lot of money on internal furnishings.

All you need to do is to do some basic research, and you will be able to get the best accessories for yourself. Some of these accessories can be purchased online, or you can also visit a furniture shop to get the best deals.

It is always good to do some basic research, so that you will be able to find the right prices. We are pretty certain that you do not want to waste any unnecessary money. So why not take a look here to see if you can find a Cheap Lean To Conservatory.

Online Conservatory prices

If you are looking for a conservatory company in UK, you may want to spend the time to look around for a few options. There are many people who have absolutely no idea how to find the best design companies.

You’re probably here because you wish to get more information about the latest conservatories websites that are available. If you have a few minutes to spare, you may want to check out what this website can offer you. In most cases, you will be able to get free quotes and prices.

Building a conservatory on your own can be rather challenging, so you may want to seek the help of a professional by vising Low Cost Conservatory, it really is that simple. You can also make use of this chance to ask them for advice as well.

Central Heating & Boilers
What type of boiler should I buy?

There is nothing worse than having your hot water or central heating boiler break down, which it usually does at the absolute worst time possible. The problem is compounded for those who have no idea what type of boiler they have or what type of replacement would best suit them.

local boiler quotesBroadly, there are only a couple of main products that you should consider, primarily natural gas if you have it supplied to your home, and those are:

  • System Boilers
  • Combi Boilers

the major differences are that a Combi boiler is fed direct from the water main, produces “instant hot water” and is usually best suited for homes without a large demand for hot water. System boilers on the other hand (also supplied direct from the main supply) have a storage tank and can be used quite comfortably in larger houses.

There are version of each main type and also boiler that can run on LPG (liquid petroleum gas) wood, or Oil – there are also biomass boilers which are “eco-friendly” find out more at